I hired Rob to be my music supervisor because of his impeccable taste, tireless work ethic, and ever-vigilant ear for exciting new sounds. His vision and ideas played an integral role in shaping the tone and texture of my movie, while his relationships with labels and bands helped me achieve it on a limited budget. I had an amazing and seamless working relationship with Rob and can’t wait to do it all again next time.
— Jesse Zwick, Writer & Director, About Alex
We hope Rob Lowry never works again. Not because we don’t like him, but because we love him. If Rob is not available on our next project, we will be lost. Rob is a genius, magician and saint, all wrapped into one handsome-man-package. It’s not every day we get to work with someone that we can say, “this is what our unreasonably ambitious goals are,” and that person then goes out and makes it happen. Rob far exceeded our already very high expectations! We thank our lucky stars he was available to work with us and look forward to working with him again.
— Aaron & Adam Nee, Co-Writers & Co-Directors, Band of Robbers
Working alongside our composer Dan Romer, Rob pulled treasure troves of musical reference, helping define our film’s emotional palette along the way. Music supervisors need to be really emotionally sensitive because your musical cues cannot over- or undersell how an event should resonate. Rob gets it better than anyone, and I wouldn’t dare work with anyone else.
— Jim Goldblum, Director & Producer, Tomorrow We Disappear
I had the pleasure of working with Rob recently on a film I produced called “The Escort”. Due to our small budget, we had limited resources allocated to our music department, but Rob was still able to find us a ton of great options to choose from. But Rob’s motor didn’t stop once he sent us hundreds of tracks. It continued as he watched endless cuts of the film, providing critical feedback in all facets of the music department. Rob’s one of the best collaborators I’ve had the chance to work with, and I’m excited to work with him on my next project. The one consistent question we get after audiences see the film is “how did you get all that great music?”... Answer: ‘Rob Lowry.’
— Michael Doneger, Writer & Producer, The Escort
I have worked with Rob on 4 different projects now, as both a producer and a director, and I will continue to hire him on all my projects going forward! I gave Rob his first music supervisor job on “The Kitchen” and he did an amazing job on that film, getting us great tracks from artists like fun., Architecture in Helsinki, and Gayngs, etc. on a minuscule budget. With his impeccable taste in music and great connections to publishers, Rob is rapidly becoming one of the most sought after music supervisors in indie film, and rightly so!
— Emily Ting, Founder, Unbound Feet Productions
When I first met Rob, I immediately (like, within the first minute) felt SAFE about the direction of my movie. Blessed with taste, intelligence, charm, and an appropriately fatalistic passion for the Miami Dolphins, here was a guy I would trust with my life, let alone my little romantic comedy.
— Will Slocombe, Director, The Escort
Working with Rob was a true pleasure! He’s a consummate professional with a vast music awareness, an easy-going personality, and a genuine passion for what he does. He delivered a diverse assortment of music that we never imagined we would have been able to secure for an indie film like ours. Rob was always very communicative, open-minded and positive, and directly focused on achieving the directors’ vision for the film. I’ll definitely be working with him again!!!
— John Will, Producer, Band of Robbers
Music is an integral part that can make or break a film. Luckily Rob was our music supervisor. The quality of music he was able to get for us was remarkable. After screening the film, we consistently received comments about the great music and how well it fit our film. We are extremely happy with the final outcome and Rob exceeded our expectations. I look forward to working with him on more films.
— Patrick Renna, Writer & Producer, Bad Roomies